Website get new template

Posted on 23.12.2009 by Emil

After I search 2 days and I compare some templates I decide to get and set a WordPress theme. Looks pretty clean and structure is clean too. I add some blue palette on header menu and header image with clouds. This template is available as a WordPress theme at Free WordPress Themes.

Maran PHP Scripts

Posted on 23.12.2009 by Emil

All the Scripts are free, open source. The newest script is CakeMelody, a cakephp social community avaiable at and demo avaiable at

Maran PHP Shop
Maran PHP Blog
Maran PHP Forum
Maran XSS Filter
Oracle Commander
Database Comparer for MySQL (PHP/mySQL)
Have fun with it :)

Online Public Relations | Brand Development Team

Posted on 23.12.2009 by Emil

* Expertise: Pamil Visions is the public relations and online brand development partner able to provide the right solution for your business. * The right business partner: reliable online PR: we listen, we understand your business, we respect your values and we work together to meet your needs as efficiently and as cost effectively as possible. We understand new starts. We encourage new starts. We offer FLEXIBLE payment options. * Customer service beyond excellence: the relationship we have with you is the most important thing to us. We rely on your success to attain success. This is a win-win situation. And these are not "just words".

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Maran PHP & Javascript scripts and Maran Mp3 music are completely free. There is no advertising, no hidden traps, etc.

However, donations are much appreciated. No mather how small the donation is, it makes a difference: donations help us to cover hosting costs and are used as developer bounties.

Donations help me buy coffee to stay awake! Thanks. You're wonderful!